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Nelson Queens Birthday Champ Show 2017

Nelson – Queen’s birthday weekend.
This show had a record number of entries this year so competition was fierce. Most classes were split.
The weather held out well over the three days but a mean wind blew at times and a bit of rain dampened the rings on one day
(a big improvement on last year!)
There were some challenging courses especially in Senior and Jumpers A resulting in many DQ’s
It was great to watch some of the top combinations running and , as always, some good learning was added to our knowledge boxes.
Claire was absolutely rapt with both her dogs performances who are now making her run a whole lot faster to keep up!
Indy consistently excelled herself with two 3rds, a 5th and an 8th in Starters, an 8th and 12th in Novice plus great runs in jumpers C bringing in 2nd, 3rd and 4th placings.
Kama ran on well and gained 6th & 7th in Starters, 5th 8th & 9th In Novice plus a 5th & 6th in Jumpers C
Wendy was kept busy chasing after her poodles – Pearl managed 3rd &4th in Starters plus two 6ths & a 9th in Jumpers C
Jasper did really well with a 1st, 4th & 9th in Starters, 2nd, 7th and 11th in Novice and 3rd, 4th & 6th in Jumpers C
Crystal posted a 5th in Intermediate, a 3rd & 18th in Senior plus 4th, 6th & 16th in Jumpers B
Wendy will be resting her legs after all that running!
Karina is certainly having to move at a much faster pace with young Elly – she has the speed and just needs to improve the accuracy to jump up the results ladder.
They carded two 5ths & an 11th in Starters, a 15th in Novice and 7th, 8th & 14th in Jumpers C
Tash had a mixed bag with her two dogs – Strike ran extremely fast and,when clean, blitzed the field. His results were 8th & 10th in Starters
and 1st, 3rd & 5th in Jumpers C
Jazz had an 18th in Intermediate, an excellent 2nd in Senior and a 7th in Jumpers A
Gillie struggled with a bad head-cold trying to drag Peppy around faster than she was up for! (the travel over on Saturdaymorning didn’t help their cause)
She was pretty consistent with 7th & 9th in Novice & 7th & 24th in Intermediate plus 6th, 9th & 11th in Jumpers B
Steph & Quinn went well for 2nd, 7th & 13th in Novice, a 9th & 10th in Intermediate plus an 8th in Jumpers B
Sandra’s Mum & Dad learnt that it’s a no-no to pack up the camper in front of Tess having her all excited about going on a trip
only to hand her over to Sandra for the weekend’s comps! We all had a good laugh about that on – these dogs know a hell of a lot more than we think sometimes.
Tess got over her sulk by Sunday and posted 7th in Starters, 4th in Novice and roared home in Jumpers C with a 2nd, 3rd and 4th
Sandra and Finn posted a great 2nd place in Intermediate but the tough courses tested them with a 21st in Senior and 24th in Jumpers A
Sheryl and Q posted a 20th in Senior and 11th & 22nd in Jumpers A
The top result of the weekend for Blenheim was Jen & Mindy’s clean sweep of three 1sts in Jumpers C which gave them top Jumpers dog of the show
NOW you’re definitely going to be in Jumpers B – 25 clears plus more than 2 wins!
Mindy also posted a 9th in Intermediate and a 4th in Senior. When Jen gets fitter and on top of her asthma they’ll do even better.
Both Mindy and Peppy gained their 3rd AD qualification.
All in all great results considering the numbers entered and the size of our club.
Waimakariri 10/11th June
Sheryl and Sandra were tigers for punishment and travelled the roads 2 weekends in a row to compete at Waimak.
Sheryl and Q were on fire and achieved two 3rds in Intermediate and a 3rd, 4th & 7th in Senior
Unfortunately Finn’s new nemesis, the seesaw, reared it’s ugly head making more noise than usual indoors and he was unsettled for much of the weekend:
but pulled himself together to post a great 4th placing in Senior.
Just goes to show we all have hurdles to overcome and, when we succeed, the feeling of accomplishment is enhanced.
Keep training everybody and see you with bells on at the ribbon trial at Nelson and Blenheim 1st & 2nd July.
Gillie Smith

Photos Here