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Nelson Jumpers Show Report

Nelson Jumpers Show

This show was at the end of Sept but we had so many of our starter group do so well I thought we should share it with the rest of the club.

Starting with the wee dogs who all did so well  being split for them in Jumpers C (the only class that was )this showed how great these dogs can do when they dont have to compete with the speedy medium and long striding maxis.

Little miss Mindy and Jen at their first champ show won C1 also getting a 2nd and a 3rd .

Claire and Tess won  C3  Claire was very anoyed with herself for knocking the pole of a jump when Tess was having another good run. Wendy and Crystal  won  C2 making them graduate to B as this was their 2nd win Crystal also had a 2nd  and 2x 3rd placings. Kat and Jane had 2 x 2nds .

Also in C my Rebel made the most of the Maxi  splits as he is not as fast as the mediums either placing 3x3rd and a 2nd. Tash and her new borrowedc(from her sister) dog Gizzy had a win and Claire and Indy got a 2nd placing .

In the medium group Marcela and Jaffa carried on their good form getting 1st and a  2nd  which put Jaffa into B .

Jumpers B and A were not  split. Erin and Dudley got a 3rd which is very good when not split. Jane and Rose 2x 4th and 5th  Marcelas and Toby 1x4th .

 Tash and Jazz 2x1st 1x3rd 1x5th and with Tri 2x5th.

So a great haul of ribbons especially to the C dogs so well done everyone.