Blenheim Canine Training | Nelson Jumpers Champ Show September 2016
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Nelson Jumpers Champ Show September 2016

We had a mix bag of weather for this show I was very glad to have brought my new wet weather pants as Saturday ended up pretty wet and showers on and off Sunday.

It was great to have Yana and Tex competing in their first champ show and they did very well in their first run getting a clear but unfortunately the rain came and poor Tex, who at home doesn’t even like to go and pee in the rain, decided that agility in the rain is just not something she was keen to do.  The next day, after putting a coat on her between runs and being not quite so wet, they got on better. Don’t worry Tex we don’t really seem to get too many wet champ shows and even some of the hairier dogs don’t want to carry on and do agility in the rain.
Tash and Strike had their first show and he’s looking great. He had a couple of  clears and Karina and Ellie won their first Champ ribbon. The show was a small one with numbers for classes in the 30’s  for A & B  so ribbons only to 3rd ,  C  had nearly 50 so went to 5th  as a result not as many ribbons were coming our way. We had lots of clears from our dogs in C , Indy x4 Peppy x 5  Rebel x 5 Jasper x 5 Mindy x 4  Strike x2 Char x2 Ellie x2  in B  Crystal x1 Quinn x1 and in   A   Tri x 3 Qx3 Finn x2 Jazz x2
Ribbons came home for-:
Jen and Mindy 2nd and a 3rd in JUMPERS C
Tash and Jazz 2x  1st   in JUMPERS A
Tash and Strike 2x 5th in JUMPER C
Karina and Eillie  5th in JUMPER C
Sandra and Finn 3rd in JUMPERS A
Steph and Quin  3rd in JUMPER B