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A dog obedience and agility club dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership through education and training
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LINK results

A catch up of link results for the last 3 months :

June/July course
Team 1 – Tash  with  Jazz, Tri and Nija  making the club team  and coming in 2nd in division 1.
Team 3 – Tash & Joker ,Wendy and Crystal, and Gillie and Peppy  comimg 3rd in division 3.

August course
Team one  Tash & Jazz, and Tri, Sandra & Finn  coming 1st in division 1.
Team 2 – Sandra & Heidi ,Wendy and Crystal, Gillie & Peppy. Ending 2nd
Great effort for August for both teams.

September course
Team 1 – Team Tash -Tri, Nija, Jazz. Ending up  in 5th .
Team 2 – Sheryl & Casey,Erin & Dudley, Karina & Tia. Ending up 5th
Overall year to date Team 1 is tied in first place with another two teams and Team 3 is in 3rd spot so awesome work so far teams.