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A dog obedience and agility club dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership through education and training
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We run training classes on a regular basis for puppies 8-16 weeks. These classes are held inside. We teach good socialization skills learning to play and other essential skills.

All basic commands are covered: sit, down, wait, stay, watch etc.

Classes are reasonably frequent so you will need to book your place in advance (on the email above) as the classes are very popular.

Date & times: Classes are conducted as required.
Class duration: 30 minutes. This is a 4 week course.
Location: A & P show Grounds, Maxwell Road Entrance.
Cost: $60


We run ongoing classes through the year for puppies older than 14 weeks (must be fully vaccinated) and new dogs to assist owners in learning to train their dogs. You will learn the principles of training, treating, communicating and managing your dog. You will be shown how to correct undesirable behaviour and how to reward good behaviour. We train with positive training and using games.

Date & times: Mondays at 6:30- 7.30 pm.
Class duration: 1 Hour. This is a 6 week course.
Location: A & P show Grounds, Maxwell Road Entrance.
Cost $70


Handlers train their dog to correctly negotiate a variety of different pieces of equipment from jumps and tunnels to weave poles and contact equipment. All types of dogs and people can give it a go, from children to grandparents, from Chihuahuas to German Shepherds. In an agility competition, dogs are directed around a course. They are judged and the fastest round with no errors wins!!

Foundation & Beginners course

This is the initial agility course for those wishing to take their first steps into the world of agility training. Dogs and owners are taken through the agility basics of waits, hurdles, flexi tunnels, weaves, long jump, hoop.

Dogs requirements: Dogs need to be 12 months or older. Dogs must have off lead control and have a recall of 95%.  Once you have completed this course you can enter ribbon Trials, starting at elementary level. From there you can become a club member and move up through the ranks: Starter, Novice, Intermediate & Senior and go on to compete in competitions throughout the country.

We conduct this course twice per year in February and August.

Date & time: Tuesdays at 6:30pm -7.30pm.
Class duration 1 hour x 12 weeks.
Held at the A & P Show Grounds Maxwell Road.
Cost: $140

Please read our FAQ

To participate in the following classes you must become a club member and you can then continue training your dog in a very friendly and social environment. The annual club membership fee is $80.



These classes follow the Domestic Dog Class above. Once you have completed the Domestic Dog Class you can join the Obedience Class and learn more advance obedience skills.

Date & times: Thursdays at 6:30- 7.30 pm.
We are there every Thursday unless wet. There are no classes in January and July.
Class duration: 1 Hour
Location: A & P show Grounds, Maxwell Road Entrance.
Club membership is required.

Rally-O (Rally Obedience) CLASS

Rally-O is a great dog sport that can be enjoyed by dogs (and people!) of any age and ability. The dog and their handler are required to perform a different exercise every few metres. Exercises include combinations of turns, presents, finishes, changes of position, heeling around cones, halts, stays and jumps.

Date & time: Sundays at 10.00am set-up
Held at the A & P Show Grounds Maxwell Road.
Club membership is required.

Rally-O LINK

You can participate in Rally-O Link as a team member and gain points, competing against teams from other towns up and down the country.

Date & times: Once a month on the first Sunday of the month.
Club membership is required.



After graduating from beginners course you can join the club and go to Wednesday night club training.

Date & times: Wednesdays
5:45 pm – Set up
6:00 pm – Starters and Novice class’s
7:00 pm – Intermediate and Seniors class.
Club membership is required.​


As in flyball, the dog is sent to fetch a ball from a flyball machine and returns the ball to the handler.  Courses can be longer than in flyball, 30m from start line to the box, and uses agility obstacles.

Flygility is heaps of fun and as the equipment is low, trained dogs can compete from 12 months of age.

Date & time: Saturday Mornings 9.00 – 10.00 am
Except every second Saturday of the month when we run the Link Competition. (Link members only on that day)
Club membership is required.


You can participate in Agility Link as a team member and gain points, competing against teams from other towns up and down the country.

Date & time: Second Saturday of the month 10.00 am
Club membership is required. Link members only.