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Blenheim Agility Show results

Blenheim November Agility Champ Show


Another  very busy but very successful show for us on and off the courses with a lot of very good results from club members which I will get into soon.

Thanks again to every one who helped us in any way over the weekend every  bit helps us so much to make it easier for us to run our dogs and run the show as well.

This was our major show for the year and with 3 x agility 2x jumpers Ad and ADX  all run in one weekend it is a lot of classes to get though.

We are the only club in NZ  to run this many events over 2 days  we do this to attract people from away to travel  to  our show  but of course it means a lot of work for us but once again I think we did very well so pat on the back everyone.

I would also like to thank  our sponsors Sheryl and Ed for donating the Yealands  wine for the judges and 1st place getters and also Orijen Dog food for their on going support over the last few years.

Also the Vet centre and Christine from  Picton Veterinary for supplying some product for our raffle.


We will start at the top. OVERALL TOP DOG for the whole show went to Marcela and TOBY  they  were also top maxi dog they had an awesome weekend again .

Toby- 1st Jumpers B1 2nd x2 Intermediate 1,and 2  maxi .   3rd x 2 Novice 2 and 3 maxi  . Toby is now in Jumpers A

Next most successful and getting Top Small Dog was Jen and Mindy   also following on from their success at Nelson in Sept.

1st  x2   NOV 1 and 2 small dog  and in non split classes 2nd in Starters 2  and Jumpers C2 Mindy is now in Nov/intermediate.

Top medium dog went to James Trimble from CHCh with Ritz.

Marcela also had a lot of wins with Jaffa she was 1st in Starters 3, Nov 1 and Nov 2 medium.

Sheryl’s Casey had a win in Nov 3 med Q a 2nd in Int2 maxi

Gilly and Peppy had a 4th in starters they only ran one day as Gilly competed in the women Tri on Sunday coming 2nd or 3rd in her age group.

Melissa and Pepa got 2nd in Starters 1 then unfortunately Pepa pulled up lame so couldn’t compete for the rest of the weekend.

Jane’s  Tiff 2nd in senior 1 and inter 2 small
Kat  4th in Jc
Theo 3rd inter small
Rose  3rd in B2
Tash  Trico 1st in A2 3rd in senior 3
Jazz  4th A1 and senior 3 , 3rd in senior 2 and 2nd in inter  1 med
Gizz  2nd in JC1
Nic   Nija 1st in inter1 maxi
Wendy and Crystal 2nd novice 1 small and 3rd.
Sandra    Rebel 1st Novice 3maxi and 3rd in Jc1 and Novice 1 maxi and is also now in intermedaite.
Finn  3rd inter2 maxi
Heidi fastest qualifier ribbon in ADX advance.

Sorry if I missed any one’s results there was a lot which is wonderful.
So this ends a busy show season next show is Cats Jumpers at the end of January .

On a club level  beginning of March we have our first ribbon trial maybe we will have some of our nbeginners keen to have a go.

Mindy with her Top  small dog Rosettee.
Karina and Ellie.  Sandra and Rebel

Other results

Christine and Holly have once again been touring around some ribbon trials going to wellington and CHCh again picking up another 3rd  place  ribbon in elementary A, well done to you both.

Also NZDAC  which is NZ dog agility championships our big nation event held in Tokaroa  this year. This was the bigest nationals ever held think Sheryl said their were nine rings set up  and most classes had huge numbers

Sheryl was the only one to go this year. Her and Casey had made our Zone team as the starter dog. We ended up 2nd in the teams  event.

Unfortunately Sheryl got sick so didn’t compete much but she did manage to get a 3rd with Jack in Jumpers B  hudge acheivement with 67 maxis in the class. An comparsion of size to our show Novice was four way split with 106 maxis ,93 mediums ,47 mini’s  and 23 micros .

Ours   22 maxis , 24 medium,20 micro mini combined.

Next year the nationals are held in our Zone at Rakaia just out of CHCH. It wont be as big as this but is still a big show to what we are use to. Hopefully  some of you will come to experience it next  Labour weekend.

Click here to see some more images from the show.