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BCTC Championship Show

What a weekend that was starting with the ‘will we won’t we run this show’ after the earthquakes, to Judges plans being cancelled and others delayed because of weather which caused one of the judges to get in late with other only getting in just before he was due to judge; a staggering 17 hours later than he should have got in!

Then we had the most bizarre weather from hot and getting sunburnt to getting wet and even hail and who could forget the wind, blowing jump poles off and wings over once again.  It even blew the door of the coffee cart off.

Despite all this, the show went off well but we had a few scratching’s because of extra travel and road conditions or earthquake risk etc. The Renwick cadets we got to help out were great, not just sticking to lead running and jump stewarding but also helping with the set up of courses.

Thanks to all the club members who came to help over the weekend that weren’t running their dogs and also to the ones that were, who as usual worked all weekend and ran their dogs as even though we had the helpers, we still had some jobs to do and to set the courses .

Big thanks to Karina our hard working show secretary who works away all day in her little room feeding results in and all the work to get show catalogue done etc.

Also thanks to the show ring managers Sheryl , Steph, Erin and Marcela you did a great job .

Then we have the non-club members that always come to help I’m sure you will have all thanked them for us as we really appreciate them coming to help us out .

Also special thanks to Colin and Larry who ran the barbecue and helped set up.  I was especially glad they put that big tent up and all by themselves as we all have nightmares over that tent (lol)


Congratulations to Wendy and Crystal who had an awesome weekend ending up top small dog for the weekend they even won an intermediate small in their first runs at this level, getting 2 x 1st and a 3rd.

Jasper also was in the line up with Crystal often getting a 2x 4th and a 2nd

Jen and Mindy also had a great weekend making the most of their freebie runs before they have to run at senior level wining 2 x novice small and a 2nd in intermediate. My Rebel also graduated to senior wining 2 x novice maxi and Finn had a win and the ribbon for fastest qualifier in ADX .

Janes Char had a win in c and a 2nd starters, Claire picked up two ribbons with Tess and one with Indy , Sheryl and Q had a win in intermediate and one in senior and also another 3rd and Tash and jazz had a couple of wins and one in intermediate with Nija also. Marcela had wins with Jaffa and Toby and he also had a 3rd . Karina and Elly got a ribbon for 4th in C.

So a very successful weekend for Blenheim. Full show results here...

Event shots are here…

It was the last show for Erin’s Dudley, and my Heidi who are retiring.

Unfortunately Tash’s Trico was meant to have her last show but ended up scratching as was lame. So she didn’t end up getting the final applause this fantastic dog deserved. She has been an amazing agility dog for Tash ending up Agility and jumpers grand champion – no mean feat. It’s hard enough to become a champion let alone a grand champ, then to do it in both jumpers and agility is really special. They were the clubs’ top dog for 8 years, only missing out this year at age 11 as she has slowed down, but still ‘miss reliable’ with the most clear rounds for the year.

So happy retirement you three but especially to Tri she deserves it.