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Ashburton Show

Asbutron Agility/Jumpers shows –October

Only four club members went to this show Tash, Sheryl Erin and I .

We started out at 7am lovely and warm thinking  we were in for a beaut day but 9am we were wishing we had brought our wolley hats and thermals all left at our motels, Sheryl came in handy giving out spare hats and gloves as she is always prepared.

Then we had the rain and the cold so had wet cold feet all day which wasn’t very pleasant, but thats what us mad people put up with.

Results -we will start at the top With the old girl Trico who had a great weekend placing 2nd in interm twice and senior 2nd and 3rd and a 4th x2 in A  ending up TOP DOG for the weekend. Tash and Jazz got 1st in Interm and 1st

In A  Sheryl and Casey also had a good weekend wining one of the Novice med and placing 3rd in the other also placing 5th in A . She also got a 1st in Inter maxi with Q,  Tash and  Nija won the other  Interm maxi .

Erin and Dudley got a 3rd in Novice small and my Rebel won starters maxi and got a 3rd in  Jc maxi.

Also traveling away to events was Christine and Holly they have been to a few ribbon trials in chch picking up a 3rd at one of them.