Blenheim Canine Training | Agility Nationals 2016
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Agility Nationals 2016

The Agility Nationals for 2016 were held in Rakaia this year during October. Wendy, Sheryl ,Steph, and I stayed down south, with Wendy and Poodles in her camper. Us girls headed to MT Somers for the 4 days prior to the show so we could relax before the big event. Thursday we headed back to Rakaia and were joined by Jen who just came for this show to help set up unfortunately for the helpers it rained cats and dogs so we were well over it after the afternoon after getting thoroughly drowned .

Karina and Jane also made the trip just for this show and Tash who had to go back to work before heading back down.

Unfortunately Jane had to return home on Saturday night as her goats had eaten rhododendron plant pruning’s and were very sick as these are poisonous, but luckily they all survived.

The ribbons were harder to get as the competition being our national event was harder the classes in med and maxi were huge, especially in novice and intermediate eg intermediate med 109 dogs maxi 80 mini 42 ,micro 15 if 4 way split. We had the 4 way splits in most classes.

We started the Friday competition with light drizzle but it became fine for the rest of the weekend. We had AD, ADX, and gamblers in the morning and this was the first time the club members have done gamblers at a champ show .

Gamblers is a game were you make up your own course collecting points for each obstacles you go over with weaves then contacts having higher points but you can only do each obstacle twice. You have 30 sec to collect as many points as you can then when the whistle blows you have 15 sec to do the gamble which is a distance challenge for C and there are 3 jumps you have to send your dog to do with out you. The contestant with the highest points folloed by the fastest time wins .

Sheryl and Casey came 2nd in C medium   and Finn and I 3rd in C maxi.

Friday afternoon

It was the first round of Jumpers, champ of Champs Jumpers and agility which Tash and Jazz came 4th in.

Saturday was one round of jumpers one of AGILITY AND THE Zone event in which Sheryl was our zones intermediate dog.

Sunday another round of each and the Jumpers finals.

Monday the remaining Agility run and Agility finals. None of us made the finals this time around but club members took home some ribbons and lots of clears.

Jen and Mindy 2nd novice 1 mini   AND 2ND IN Jc 2 mini
Wendy and Crystal 2nd in novice 3 micro
Tash and Jazz 8th in JA1 Med ,6th in Ja med and 6th in JA3 med

Sheryl and Q 5th in JA2 maxi

Sandra and Rebel 8th novice 2 maxi,   5th in novice 3 maxi   5th in Jumper C 2 MAXI and 5TH JC 3 maxi

There was also an interclub team competition that I picked a couple of teams for from our club. We had the Blenheim boys which was Finn, Q and Quinn and the Blenheim Bitches with Crystal Mindy and Jazz.

We had forgotten about all of that and all hit the road as soon as we had collected our winnings so Wendy was the only one left (as she was driving home the next day ) to hear that Blenheim Bitches had won the Interclub competition! She was so surprised to hear her name called out as I hadn’t told her she was in the team so as to not make her nervous so Wendy had to go up and get the cup and Ribbons for the entire team on her own. Well done girls!